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Past Projects - Corporate Systems

Contracting Officer Warrant System

The Contracting Officer Warrant System is a series of websites that process and manage all warrants for the USMC. This enables online submission and approval of warrant applications as well as tracking their status. All warrants are tracked, such as active, terminated, disapproved, warrants with expiration dates, and DAWIA Certification Levels. The system sends email notifications on status changes to stakeholders throughout the process. Warrant Certificates are electronically signed. Reports are available at any stage and all records are archived for historical references.

Health of Marine Corps Field Contracting System (Dashboard)

The Dashboard website was designed as a tool for evaluating the Overall Health of the Marine Corps Field Contracting System. To determine the overall health, five individual systems are evaluated: FPDS, EDA, eSRS, CPARS, and WAWF. Data from each of the five systems is queried and calculations are run based on pre-determined metric parameters. The metric parameters are dynamic and can be evaluated and updated as needed. Metrics include Overall Health by Region, Overall Health by Field Office, and Health by System.


PPMAP is a series of websites for comprehensive PPMAP data management. This system initiates the process by sending out electronic versions of the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, allows generation of reports while in the field during an on-site visit and standardizes the format of the PPMAP report. Components of the report, such as findings, discussions, recommendations, and best practices, are stored in a database where they can be pulled out and tracked separately without having to re-enter the information in another system. PPMAP Notification Letters are generated and sent out to stakeholders. They are also stored on the site for historical purposes.

Regional Garrison Food Service (RGFS) Contract

The Food Service Survey website was created to gather and analyze data collected from survey administrators. Administrators can input data or view reports. Data analysis reports are generated automatically, and display trends by Mess Hall, Installation, or Region.

The Contract Administration Plan (CAP) website was developed to provide contract management guidance to contracting personnel administering the Regional Garrison Food Service (RGFS) Contract. The processes and templates included in the CAP allow for effective execution of the RGFSC, resulting in improved operational performance and management of resources.

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