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Areas of Expertise

Web-Based Training

We have been providing innovative, compelling, and well-coordinated web-based training solutions in support of our government customers since 2001. We are on the cutting edge of training design, development, implementation, and evaluation that run flawlessly on government networks.

Sunset Design employs a rigorous quality assurance process that involves multiple rounds of review at every stage of development. Every project we develop is Section 508 compliant and adheres to Risk Management Framework (RMF) guidelines. Our team completes annual Privacy Act, CUI, and Information Assurance Awareness training each year to ensure all content handled remains secure.

Sunset Design's commitment to quality is exemplified by our continuous efforts to enhance how we do business. This includes clearly communicating project status and responding to client inquiries in a timely manner. We strive to constantly improve our business processes, leveraging our vast experience with government training development, in order to exceed customer requirements and expectations. This has been demonstrated through outstanding performance evaluations received from multiple commands across the United States Department of Defense for our excellence in providing IT technical support services.

Sunset Design is comprised of a team of highly skilled individuals. Each project has a dedicated project manager, graphic designer, programmer, voice over artist, and a quality control team. All employees have been granted security clearances and have experience handling PII and sensitive information.

We employ the principles of industrial design to create high-quality products quickly, and at minimal cost. All online training produced by Sunset Design is powered by an exclusive, proprietary software engine that is designed to be re-useable, and highly customizable to both the needs of the client and the needs of Learning Management System (LMS) platforms where the training will be hosted. Our software is actively maintained by highly skilled, in-house programming staff. This assures that the training and features we provide are exactly what you need without having to compromise due to the constraints of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system, such as Captivate, PowerPoint, or Articulate Studio.

All of our training courses can be configured for both SCORM-based and non-SCORM-based LMS platforms, and can even be adapted to new LMS platforms as they emerge and as online training needs evolve. User progress is bookmarked and saved regardless of the environment. This allows for course content of any length on any platform. Training content can also be easily updated for years after completion of the initial deliverable.

Sunset Design creates custom HTML5 training courses through a mix of engaging animations, interactive exercises, videos, knowledge checks, and final exams. Our training courses work across all NMCI-supported browsers without any additional setup from the end user. All audio, images and videos are optimized for government network connections, providing the fastest possible load times without compromising presentation quality.

Sunset Design has an efficient mix of personnel, with an effective combination of experience and technical expertise to provide for the highest quality of services in support of the web-based training. All course content passes through multiple rounds of quality assurance at every stage of development, including pre-production script development, initial programming of training content prior to client review, and final testing of the entire course prior to submission, and post-release updates.

We ensure all training courses are compliant with current regulations and policies. Section 508 compliance is achieved through multiple rounds of testing by dedicated staff under real-world conditions, not through automated programs. Our testers review the entire training to ensure that closed captioning and the included transcript are a word-for-word representation of the training. Training courses are tested start-to-finish with actual screen reader software before release, verifying that all on-screen content is accurately described and that all navigation and interaction is accessible without assistance.

As a part of Sunset Design's proprietary technology, all training and transcript content is fully integrated with assistive software for visually impaired users, including JAWS from Freedom Scientific. Complete descriptions of all on-screen content are provided in real time and all training features and functionality are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. Full instructions for taking the training with assistive software are provided with every course.

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