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Past Projects - Business Processes

Sunset Design was tasked to work with the NAVFAC Business Management System (BMS) Team to design new and revise existing templates and instructions for contracting processes to ensure format standardization for all processes, owners and users. Duties included, but were not limited to:
  • Defining acquisition business processes in coordination with NAVFAC field personnel.
  • Applying process improvement and reengineering methodologies and principles to conduct process modernization projects.
  • Facilitating project teams in the accomplishment of project activities and objectives.
  • Providing group facilitation, training, and additional forms of knowledge transfer.
  • Serving in capacity of key coordinator between multiple project teams to ensure enterprise-wide integration of reengineering efforts.
  • Creating new/revising existing acquisition business processes using the guidelines delineated in NAVFAC Instruction 5200.38, and BMS Templates.
Sunset Design's Subject Matter Expert (SME) team member acts as the liaison between the Director of ABMG (the Process Owner Team, Lead for NAVFAC acquisition processes), and individuals who are assigned to write new or refresh existing contracting processes. Sunset Design's SME team member works with the process writer and Director of ABMG until an agreement is reached as to the final content of the process. The process is then sent to Sunset Design's quality control specialist for final review to ensure the process is in the correct format, has no spelling/grammatical errors, and all hyperlinks in the document are correct and active. The final approved process is then transmitted to the BMS Team for upload to the BMS.

Some of the BMS acquisition processes are reviewed/revised numerous times as a result of required revisions due to policy or regulation changes, or as a result of a Corrective Action Request (CAR) submitted by a process user. The NAVFAC acquisition processes have been recognized as the model for other NAVFAC Business Line Process Owners. This excellence is largely due to the knowledge of the BMS standards, templates, and the hands-on experience with the NAVFAC BMS Team by Sunset Design's team.

The IT Specialist team performs programming and maintenance for the NAVFAC BMS Tracking System which is used to manage the BMS processes. The BMS tracking system is a web-based system with an Oracle back-end database. The team created this system for NAVFAC, and currently perform all maintenance activities. Functionality of the system includes database entry, record reconciliation, and a variety of canned reports. The IT Specialist team is responsible for programmatic updates, maintenance of the system, creation of records, and reports.

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