RGFS Contracting Administration Plan

The Regional Garrison Food Service (RGFS) Survey, Contract Administration Plan (CAP) website houses the USMC Contract Management Process Guide (CMPG) process for the CAP. The website was created to provide an editable version of the CMPG process so that changes can be made to the CAP as needed. A web interface was created with a database back end so that authorized users can edit the CAP and the changes are immediately reflected on the website.

The system was built so that other CMPG processes can also be added. As a process needs updating, LB can access any CMPG process, edit, add or delete data and view the new CMPG process in real time. This system allows the updating of all CMPG processes without the need of an upload to the site.

The website has two levels of access (view only and view and edit). A password system was implemented to enable only authorized users the ability to access the Add and Edit sections of the website.

Sections of the CAP can be updated using the Edit tool. New sections can be added to the CAP using the Add tool. The CAP can be viewed one section at a time by clicking on the link for a specific section from the table of contents. The complete CAP can be viewed by clicking on the "Print Process" link. The page is formatted for printing and displays without graphic headers.

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