USMC Warrant Program

The Warrant Program system is a series of websites that process and manage all warrants for the USMC. This enables online submission and approval of warrant applications. The system tracks the status of applications in process and also tracks active warrants, terminated warrants, disapproved warrants, and warrants with expiration dates. DAWIA Certification Levels, education, and experience history associated with each warrant are also tracked by this system. The system sends email notifications on status changes to stakeholders throughout the process. The warrant application must go through several levels of review and approval before the warrant is issued. Warrant certificates are electronically signed for non-repudiation. The warrant system is database driven and consists of all current and terminated warrants dating back to 1998. Since the raw data is stored in a database, the data can be sliced and diced to serve management's purposes for metrics and data calls.

Due to the complexity of this multi-level system, we have created a presentation describing all the features and functionality for your review. For additional information or a demonstration, please contact us.