Total Force Training

The Total Force Training website is a complete course management system and provides a paperless method for student registration and course tracking. The system is database driven and consists of a front-end web interface for students and back-end web interface for management.

From the Total Force Training website, students can view the NAVFAC course schedule. Detailed information about each course is displayed, including the course description, pre-requisites for the course, the target audience, course objectives, point of contact, and a listing of all offerings available. Students must log in to register for a course. When a registration request is submitted, the system generates an email to the student's supervisor for approval. Once approved, the student is enrolled in the course and receives a welcome letter with detailed information about the course. After completing a course, the student will receive an email with a link to an online evaluation. When the evaluation is submitted, the student receives a course completion certificate. A cancellation link is available on the website for students to cancel their registration in a course. Links are also provided for students to obtain their course transcript, update their profile, check their registration status, view the competency course catalog, and view other training opportunities.

The NAVFAC Operations website is the back-end administrative portion of the Total Force Training system. The administrative features allow administrators to add courses and conferences, set up offerings for the courses and conferences, cancel or change an offering as needed, edit course information, and create course welcome letters. Administrators can also add students to a course, approve or disapprove a training request for a supervisor, view course rosters, and update student information. Several management reports are available for the current fiscal year and for prior years. Reports include the Enrollment Analysis, Course Attendance by UIC, Graduation Report by Course Title, Warrant Reports, and Online Evaluation Reports. Records dating back to 1989 are stored in the database for historical purposes. The system tracks DAWIA certifications, warrants, education levels, and training history for NAVFAC employees. This information has been used to establish various metrics within the NAVFAC Command, including the number of NAVFAC civilians with college degrees and the average number of business credits held by acquisition workforce members. This system has multiple levels of access. Each level gives the user access to only the data they are authorized to view and/or edit.

Due to the complexity of this multi-level system, please contact us for a demonstration.